our mission

Distributed ledgers, commonly referred to as Blockchain, are being leveraged by a variety of industries for various applications. 
The applications keep increasing as the potential of Blockchain continues to be discovered. 
From manufacturing business to financial services, Blockchain technology is bringing innovation and redesigning traditional business.
As a supporter and expert in disruptive technologies, Beyond Block Inc. is positioned to provide valuable insights on how to best apply, integrate, and benefit from Blockchain.

our Professional SERVICES

Help to maximize fundraising throughout the course of your ICO for launching and developing your business

ICO due diligence

Analysis of business ICO readiness covering financial, operational, marketing, technical, compliance and legal perspectives.

ICO consulting

Analysis of and improvement recommendations for the existing business model, market focus, product positioning, management team, fundraising strategy, ICO road map, etc.

Smart contract audit & Technical Review 

Elaborating the idea from technical perspective covering whitepaper token model and smart contract.
Executing each contract to ensure the results match the purpose of the program.
Providing structured feedback and suggest for improvements, corner stone insights shall be given to improve the quality of the project

Marketing guide

Developing your marketing and PR plans that will help you promote the ICO campaign.

Check ICO Projects Credibility

Technology, business and the market for blockchain is currently at the development stage and is no clear standard to discern good projects. Still, it is a great way to check credibility of ICO projects through rating services.

We, 'Beyond Block', secured a official partnership with the cryptocurrency voting platform, 'Pick Thumb',  which is launched by Bithumb. Beyond Block performs a review of crypto projects as a blockchain professional. 

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