Zero Carbon Project
    Open and transparent platform for science

Zero Carbon Project is tacking climate change using blockchain. Our zero carbon markets beats renewable energy and fossil fuels on price and our customers earn Energis token rewards as a catalyst for change. Together we can reduce carbon emissions faster than renewable energy.
Utilizing blockchain technology, Zero Carbon Project generates an Energis token which can be provided to energy consumers as rewards for engaging with the Zero Carbon Platform and contributing to its aim of tackling climate change. 
Energis tokens (NRG) are used to pay transaction fees for the marketplace, 70% of which are distributed as a rewards system to consumers.


Company & Team
  • A team of 8 core members are listed on the official website. Most core members provide their profiles with linkedin link.
    Most team members shows engagement in Zero Carbon Project on their Linkedin profile.
  • There is insufficient developers who has  blockchain-related experience on the team.
  • Overall skill sets and experience of members are angled forward to business and finance.

  • This project is targeting the total global market for energy consumption. Thus, potential market size is big enough.
  • the platform aims to leverage carbon credits in order to reduce the cost of electricity relative to renewable and fossil fuel sources. To recruit suppliers and consumers, the team should prepare well tuned go-to-market strategy.  

Product & Development
  • Cryptocurrency is not a  necessary part of their ecosystem. Its token(Energis token), is used for providing additional incentive to switch energy providers.  Tokens will be used to pay transaction fees and to reward consumers.  Thus,  the level of disruption to the energy industry by adoption of blockchain technology is relatively  weak.
  • Zero Carbon Project has several competitors currently. (CTX, Power Ledger, WePower, etc.) This project has a competitive advantage of positioning and target customer over other competitors.
  • MVP is available currently with request. 

Token Economics
  • Value proposition of token is clearly defined. The token provides value to different parties through two different markets, one for enterprise and one for household consumers. 
  • Energis tokens are used to pay transaction fees for the market. The expected value of tokens are expected to increase as the number of contracts concluded on the market increases.

ICO Plan & Result
  • ICO ended well and they achieved their hard cap goal. (18. Sep. 2018)
  •  he use of proceeds is not adequately described on the whitepaper. And the raise goals doesn't seem related to development plans well.
  • Token sale will start October, 2018.
  • KYC(Y), Whitelist (Y), Restricted from participating (Y),  No Soft cap, $20MM Hard cap

Marketing & PR
  • This project didn't attract a lot of public attention. However, they need to increase marketing activities because it's target user are individual energy consumers.