Open and transparent platform for science

Orvium leverages a unique and seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies:Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, decentralized storage solutions, big data analytics, and cloud computing, to create a platform to process, validate, and disseminate research data and results.
Orvium integrates Big Data Analytics with the blockchain. This unlocks valuable insights to improve scientific production. Decentralized journals offer a low maintenance, highly flexible, cost effective and completely autonomous way to handle and categorize scientific literature while offering a further line of business for authors and editors. Orvium provides a collaborative framework for any single process related to the manuscript life cycle. Orvium opens the definition of journals, the creation of challenges to increase scientific validation and the promotion of patronage campaigns to the general public.


Company & Team
  • A team of 3 core members. Core members' profiles, providing detailed information with career and roles, are linked to their Linkedin
  • Most team members are technology oriented and seems to be aligned with their business development.
  • There are 21 advisors, however they provide relatively less information.

  • The whitepaper clearly outlined the problems of centralized nature of the current scientific publication system.
  • Orvium plan to solve inefficiencies of the current science publication market with focus on publication process and life cycle. The academic publishing sector has many problems and Orvium is a first mover. Thus in our opinion, Orvium has a good potential for growth.

Product & Development
  • Orvium proposed many benefits to users in the whitepaper. The platform reduces costs and gives more empowerment to its users and facilitates free market system.
  • Currently, the early version of the platform is available and the code is also available on Gitlab upon request.
  • The foundation seems to meet the major milestones on the roadmap.

Token Economy
  • Token stakeholders and beneficiaries are well defined. (autors' stake, reviewers' reward, individuals, institutions)
  • The roles of each participants in the ecosystem are discussed with earn and spend mechanism.
  • The use of proceeds is not adequately described on the whitepaper. And the raise goals doesn't seem related to development plans well.

ICO Plan & Result
  • The use of proceeds is not adequately described on the whitepaper. And the raise goals doesn't seem related to development plans well.
  • Token sale will start October, 2018.
  • KYC(Y), Whitelist (Y), Restricted from participating (Y),  No Soft cap, $20MM Hard cap

Marketing & PR
  • Recruiting significant number of participants is the most important  challenge.
  • Relatively inactive marketing activity is their greatest weakness.